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vincit omnia veritas

sadpie @ livejournal

special tramp dana scully
18 September
love doesn't conquer;
it's not some kind of a weapon that you wield.

→ about | reed. likes television and feminism.

→ tv | castle. 30 rock. the x-files. parks and rec. arrested development. community. girls. party down. seinfeld.

→ movies | rocky horror picture show. the runaways. grosse pointe blank. clue. fight club. girl, interrupted. rent. gia. thelma & louise. adaptation. playing by heart. inception. conversations with other women. whip it. big fish. prozac nation. flashdance. novocaine. till human voices wake us. edward scissorhands.

→ people | stana katic. nathan fillion. lady gaga. tina fey. amy poehler. kristen wiig. adam scott. lisa edelstein. gillian anderson. maya rudolph. andy warhol. helena bonham carter. edie sedgwick. susan sarandon.

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